Friday, February 26, 2010

The Old Grist Mill Tavern (and Johnny Cakes)

Seeing that so many of you enjoyed my post about johnny cakes with its mention of the Old Grist Mill Tavern in Seekonk, Massachusetts, I hope some of you find interest in these images from an Old Grist Mill Tavern menu dated January 21, 1953.  The menu's cover features a sign detailing the restaurant's johnny cakes, while the menu itself notes that johnny cakes were offered as a side and as an entree with sausages.  You should be able to enlarge at least some of the images by clicking on them.

The above two images, a view of the waterfall from the interior of the restaurant and two illustrations of the mill depicting how it looked in 1745 and 1950, are found on the front of the menu's cover.

This sign, seen here in an illustration located on the inside of the menu's cover, stood outside the Old Grist Mill Tavern.  

Below, we have images from the menu itself.


  1. Can't recall ever seeing a dessert menu that matches the entree menu in length. This is great!

    However I'm skeptical of the "Toasted Crackers and Cheese" for dessert. Was that the early version of a selection of cheese and fruit we sometimes see, or something else altogether?

  2. I've heard of having cheese and crackers for dessert, but I've never been in a position to order it. It's common in Europe. The menu seems to be combination of New England and French-style dishes and I imagine the cheese and crackers are are there to add to the French flair.

  3. My Grandfather was a cook there (Leo Rene) back in the 50's or 60's.. I remember seeing menues like that I think my mom still has one or two.. I remember my grandfather went on the Dailing for Dollars show one year for the Ghrist Mill at Thanksgiving to show how to carve a Turkey.. I remember he worked there when there was a fire and after it opened again. Didn't it change locations for awhile?

  4. The building suffered a fire in 1957 and portions of it had to be rebuilt. Maybe this is what you were thinking in terms of changing locations. The Grist Mill Tavern suffered another fire early this morning, and news reports commented on the 1957 fire. I don't think anyone yet knows if the restaurant's owner will be able to rebuild.